UPDATE on 06/08/15: The chicken in the"half-chicken" meal is now the size of a quarter-chicken, but you'll still pay the "half-chicken" price for half of a half of chicken! It's NOT worth it! Go to your local Boston Market if you like getting ripped off! They now leave the back-bone in to make it look bigger!


So, why did we put this page up here? Well, we'll tell you!

We decided to go to the local Boston Market in East Islip NY instead of eating at home.

We waited our turn on line to be served. We then placed our order, the plates were filled, we paid for the meal and headed to a table.

When we got to the table, we realized that we had forgotten to order one more item which was a side-dish ("a side," in their parlance!) It's 99 cents when and only if you purchase a meal. You cannot just walk in and get only the sides for that price! The requirement is that you purchase a meal. We purchased TWO (2) meals!

So I placed the tray, with the meals, on the table and walked back to the service counter.



I explained that I had just purchased the two meals only moments before and that I needed to get the side order which I forgot. Well, it seemed as though the young lady at the counter just couldn't wait to say to me, "Well NOW you CAN'T get it for 99 cents!" I might also add that she said this with what appeared to be a smirk and a look of satisfaction on her face! It seemed to me as if perhaps she had experienced a really bad work day there and this was her opportunity to lash out at someone......anyone! As luck would have it I happened, at that moment, to be that someone! BUT, I guess, it could have just as well been anyone!

I replied that I had been at the counter only seconds before, but I could clearly see that this was going to be a losing battle for me. She told me that now if I wanted the "extra side" it was no longer associated with the meals which I had just bought, but that it was now a separate order connected to absolutely nothing!  It would cost me $2.29 for the side order instead of 99 cents! It was as if I had just now walked into the store, a "new" customer attempting to chisel them out of a side dish for 99 cents without first having purchased anything!

Well folks, I guess the moral of this story is that at Boston Market if you should forget to order "a 99 cent side" don't bother to attempt to get it even if it has been less than one minute. I spoke with "the manager" who fully backed her up! (That's what they do!) What miserable, cheap and lousy customer service posturing and sappy attitudes!

Managers at Boston Market have a plastic "control" card which looks like your average "credit card" which provides access the store's register system for the purpose of making "corrections" to an order. The card can also be used for "overrides and special discounts!" I guess that I was not considered "important" enough for this to be done. Most likely this courtesy is reserved for the relatives and "friends" of the employees and the managers. If this is true then there is a definite discriminatory practice being endorsed by Boston Market management! Another good reason to eat elsewhere!

Also, I should mention while I am posting this is that they have instituted a new serving procedure there. They used to serve ALL of their meals on those partitioned plastic plates, whether you chose to "eat in" or "take it out" but now they use "real" ceramic dishes/platters if you should tell them you're "eating in."

We DO NOT recommend "eating in." Why? Because you will be served your meal on ceramic plates and be given metallic utensils. It seems to be a part of their new "make you feel like you're at home" promotion. Well, MY home doesn't have greasy dishes and spotty utensils, so I really don't feel any kind of "at home" there!



We were horrified when we closely examined the plates and utensils. The plates were greasy and the metal utensils had "spots" and greasy "smears" on them. Well, after all, they ARE serving fowl and meats, aren't they? However, this is NO excuse for grease on the table-ware! Aren't dishes and utensils supposed to be WASHED in hot soapy water AFTER they are used and BEFORE  they are presented to the next customer? Apparently that's not part of the program at Boston Market! So we handed the plates back and demanded that plastic plates be freshly filled with what we ordered and not what they placed in the greasy-looking dishes. We told them to keep the spotty metal utensils also and give us the plastic ones!

Boston Market is definitely NOT in our opinion, a customer-friendly-service-oriented business! Combined with the nasty plates and nasty utensils they first provided us with we believe that it's a poor choice to make for a meal of any kind there!

One thing that we have definitely noticed in all of our visits to other Boston Markets locations as well as this store is that no two visits "are truly ever the same." It's definitely not like going to McDonald's! There were vast differences in the condition and the appearance of the food offered and served up each time we have gone there. For instance, there are times when the chicken is moist, there are more times when the chicken is dry. Same with the  so-called "gravy" they give you. To us it appears to look just like the water you see lying in a "mud-puddle." Sometimes it's thick but most other times it's thin weak and watery. There are times it sort of smells like "gravy" and then there are those times that there is a "funny" paint smell to it! Is there not a "standard" for the fare there? Apparently not! It most likely depends upon who is watering down the gravy on that particular day and who is not minding the oven as they should be!

The brisket goes the same way. Depending upon who is slicing it, it can be thick or thin. Don't expect anything near to uniform slices because they don't have a professional gravity-feed food slicer on the premises like the deli's do! Slices are all hand-rendered! Which brings me to another thought. The menu lists the brisket as being available as a "regular or large portion." So exactly what is the size of a "regular portion" and how much larger is "the large?"

Well, my friends there is no way to determine this because they use a deceptive marketing TRICK which is to NOT use a "standard" to specify what you're paying for and what you're getting. You see, "large and small" are vague, ambiguous, unclear and unspecified terms which mean exactly NOTHING!  Do they provide you with the EXACT WEIGHT of what "large and small" constitute? Are you kidding? If they did then they would have to make absolutely sure that you got just what they claim to be giving you in exchange for your hard-earned bucks! It's much better for THEM that you don't know the exact weight! That way they can leave you short a slice or two and they're not breaking any law! There are NO legal and precise definitions for "large or small." So what we noticed is that when ordered a "regular" portion of brisket there were only two to three slices. When we ordered the "large" there was only one slice more on the plate! Something is wrong here! Next time you go there ask them EXACTLY how many OUNCES you are getting regarding what you ordered! Bet they won't tell you! Why? Because if they wanted you to know EXACTLY then it would be posted on the menu board as "X" ounces for "regular" and "X" ounces for "large!" So they surely WON'T tell you EXACTLY how many ounces they are giving you! But one thing that they absolutely WILL tell you is EXACTLY how much they are going to CHARGE you! If, however, you are the rare individual who enjoys getting ripped off then don't ask about the weight and just accept what they give you! You will be a customer that they will look forward to having come back again and again! Why you might even get to have your picture placed upon their wall next to a picture of a chicken!




Now since YOU don't know EXACTLY how many OUNCES you are getting why not tell the person who rings up your food when it's time to pay, that you are going to pay ONLY what YOU believe that it's worth and NOT a penny more!

And finally, when I used their web contact form to relate my unfortunate experience there, I filled in ALL of the information which the form requests. It's quite a bit of info that they ask for on the Complaint Form! After I completed the form, I clicked "submit" and all of the info I had just entered vanished and the website just dumped me with nothing more than an icy and cold "error" message!

On previous visits they mixed up the order we gave them. They gave my plate to someone else in the line ahead of me. I watched as they charged me for the dinner. When I asked where it was they looked around and shrugged their shoulders! Someone in the line ahead of me got a FREE dinner due to their stupidity! When I asked for beef gravy they gave me chicken gravy!

I complained about this to their Golden, Colorado office and I never heard from them! So much for being receptive to consumer complaints! Seems that they really don't want to hear from you! That's why we say:



For comparison we also visited Boston Market of Deer Park. Maybe someday they too will learn how to wash the utensils and the dishes/platters properly! Our advice to anyone contemplating eating at any Boston Market outlet is that you DON'T USE THE METAL UTENSILS...ASK FOR THE PLASTIC ONES INSTEAD! That goes for the DISHES/PLATTERS also!

On another previous visit to Boston Market in Deer Park NY the visit ended in my walking out of the place when the manager saw that an apparently new employee placed, I guess what was in HIS opinion, a bit more mashed potatoes on my (plastic) plate. He went over to her, right in front of me, and grabbed the plate out of her hands, took the serving spoon from her and shoveled some of the potatoes back into the warmer tray! I asked him why he did that and he replied, "she gave you TOO MUCH!" So I asked him just how many OUNCES of potatoes should I be getting. He looked at me quizzically! I repeated my question, "Just how many OUNCES of potatoes should I be getting? He replied, "Uh,....I don't know how many OUNCES...we do it by "eye!" So I told him what he could now do with the plate of a now lesser portion of mashed potatoes and exactly where he could shove it. Then I walked out! By the way, when they add the mashed potatoes to your plate, if you should order them, observe the technique they use as they spoon up a small amount and then deftly manipulate the serving spoon up and down within one of the smaller partitioned sections of the plate to "fluff them up" and make it appear as if it were a larger portion!



Just in case you're wondering if we attempted another means of contacting Boston Market Customer Service....yes we did! We sent a letter, regarding and detailing all of the above. We included our home telephone number and a cell phone number as well. We NEVER received a telephone call or a reply by mail. We don't expect to hear from them, just as we haven't in the past. We are ON THE LIST of "complainers," who are people who see through their "smoke and mirrors." Apparently, they really don't care if you're not happy with their food or their service. We would, in earnest, really like to have this issue resolved with them so we can take this site down. However, it seems like they don't really care about customer relations, so you will continue to see this site here until we achieve a satisfactory resolution to this matter, which will probably never happen!

It will help you to remember that their goal of being in business is to make a substantial PROFIT. Getting YOUR money without giving you much back for it makes them a BIGGER profit! Being deceptive and utilizing vague terms makes them lots of money! This is why they use ambiguous and non-specific terms like "regular and  large" instead of "ounces and pounds," which ARE specific and legal terms! Beware of Boston Market and ANY business which offers "regular or large" as an indicator of portion size! Not patronizing them until they specify exactly what "regular and large" are may help them modify the way they do business! "Regular and large" descriptions specify nothing!



Read about how Boston Market harassed a learning-disabled employee at one of their stores! They hired this employee and then taunted her about and because of her disabilities! They settled out of court on this one! Isn't that what you do when you're NOT GUILTY?

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It really has to be bad when your own employees complain about you!

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(Eat it and you're guaranteed a trip to the local hospital's Emergency Room!)

Did you know that Boston Market mashed potatoes contain TRANS-FATS?


You want a hot meal at Boston Market? Fuhgeddaboudit!

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Here is their latest "offer" which we found out is pure horsepoop! TWO complete meals for $20.00

Well, it has been reported to us that customers went into their local Boston Market and ordered two half-chicken dinners and were told that each dinner was an additional dollar. When they questioned the "extra" charge they were told that the half-chicken meal wasn't included in the special 2 for $20.00 deal also that there were other "deals" which cost more than the advertised $20.00

Yet another UNTRUTH from Boston Market!


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