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Recently we became aware of our automatic transmission acting "strangely." It didn't seem to be shifting as it should and had been previously.

We called for an appointment with SUNRISE TRANSMISSION and we drove the car to the above-named business.

Frank, the Service Manager, greeted us when we walked into the office and we then related to him our experience with the transmission.

Frank took the car for a test ride. He returned within minutes and requested of me to accompany him while he drove the car so that he could have the opportunity to explain, along the ride, where the transmission was failing as it attempted to shift through its range of gears.

When the ride was over and we were back at the shop, Frank went inside and retrieved a "code reader" and plugged it into the receptacle under the dashboard inside the vehicle.

The code reader began to collect data stored within the vehicle's  computer.

The retrieved information showed that the transmission was experiencing problems shifting and also that first gear was not engaging from a dead stop but instead second gear was. There were also indications of more involved problems with the transmission.

We had originally brought the car to SUNRISE TRANSMISSION believing that all that was needed may have been a fresh change of transmission fluid and screen (filter.) We had called several other transmission repair shops, before calling  SUNRISE TRANSMISSION, asking for an estimate of cost in performing the maintenance previously described. However one shop refused to tell us the cost, and one other told us that "they'd have to see the car before they could tell us what it would cost.

What we were asking for was a specific price for a specific service and not a price for "any and all" services that might need to be performed. It was almost as if we had called a gas station asking the price per gallon of gas and the clerk telling us that we would have to come there for him tell us! Those are kinds of businesses WE DON'T TRUST!

When we called SUNRISE TRANSMISSION we were told the price for the specific service we asked about but we also were advised that depending upon the results of an examination the price could be higher or it could be lower! However SUNRISE TRANSMISSION was "up front" enough in providing the cost of the service we asked about.

After reading the codes from the computer Frank told us that because of the condition of the transmission, in his opinion it would not be worth performing the service of changing the fluid and filter and that it most likely could make the problem worse.

We thanked Frank and asked what we owed for the diagnosis he had performed along with the time he spent with us road testing the car and drawing out the fault codes from the vehicle's onboard computer. He did after all, spend some time with us and we expected that there would be a charge for that time spent. Also he took the time to employ the code-reader to further isolate and discover other problems with our transmission. We were taken aback when I asked what we owed him for the service he performed for us. Frank said, "Don't worry about it, there's no charge for that!

I ask you, where today, in this world filled with unscrupulous, crooked and greedy automobile mechanics and automobile service personnel do you find someone like Frank? The answer is you find them VERY RARELY if you can find them at all!

It is for this reason and for the reason that Frank truly provided complete honesty and integrity that we, at, endorse SUNRISE TRANSMISSION as a business to rely upon when your vehicle's transmission needs either service, repair or replacement.

Here is their guarantee which is prominently and clearly posted on their website:

We will guarantee all exchanged rebuilt transmissions & torque converters that we rebuild & install against faulty workmanship & defective materials for 1 full year or 12,000 miles whichever comes first - this includes all parts & labor at no extra charge.

SUNRISE TRANSMISSION won our confidence and trust 100% and we heartily endorse SUNRISE TRANSMISSION to any and all without any question or hesitation whatsoever!

"Gas stations" are DEFINITELY NOT the places to have your transmission serviced!

Bring YOUR vehicle to a transmission SPECIALIST!

SUNRISE TRANSMISSION is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles registered and licensed Repair Facility.


Here's what they say at SUNRISE TRANSMISSION:



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