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On February 4th 2013 I had a prescription filled at the Target pharmacy in Bay Shore NY

In my opinion, they came up short on the information which I believe should be included on the label of a container of medication you receive from their pharmacy and which information I believe that you have the absolute right to expect. I wrote an e-mail to the corporate headquarters detailing what I have posted here on this page.

Isn't it nice to know just how much they care about their customers feelings? 

Other pharmacies, both chain and independent, which I have patronized in the past have provided this important information which should be an integral part of your medication label.

1.  The expiration date of the medication. You, as the receiver of the medication, should know precisely when the medication expires so that you may be able to determine the future effectiveness of the medication and know if the medication is at a sufficiently potent level, on the very day you receive it!

Medications which expire in a relatively short period of time from the date that you receive them may not have the potency to achieve the desired results since their effectiveness begins it's slow but sure process of deterioration and diminishment on the very day after it is formulated.

2.  Is the lot number, batch number or other identifying information provided just in case there is a problem with a severe or unexpected reaction to the medication? You may wish to contact the pharmaceutical company which produced the medication to inform them of the problem but without the identifying lot number, batch number or other significant identifier they will not be able to assist you. The FDA will also require this important information.

These two items are especially important if you have multiple refills indicated on the original prescription. There may be several months between refills. Do YOU trust the pharmacist or Pharmacy "Technician" enough to feel confident that he/she will routinely and precisely check the expiration date on the containers from which they dispense your prescription? I have a great concern about this! After all, it's only your health and well-being AND mine also that we're talking about here! Maybe the policy of Target Pharmacy is to intentionally omit that IMPORTANT information because they believe that it will be too difficult or even impossible for us to understand it. After all, we're not doctors or pharmacists!

I don't why this IMPORTANT consumer information is not printed on the label at the Target pharmacy. However, this is the first time that I have used a Target pharmacy...but it DEFINITELY will be the last!

Where you choose to have your prescriptions filled is certainly up to you, but as far as I am concerned....Target is not where I will have mine filled ever again! I strongly suggest that you follow suit!

In conclusion: I feel as if I have paid for something that was provided to me as incomplete and that I was not given the minimum level of consideration and service that was due me.



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